Chances are you like food. Duh, right? Who doesn't? We all need food, yes. But we also all love amazing food. Well, good news: Cedar Rapids is one of the best cities in America for foodies! Allow me to dive in as your mouth no doubt waters.

Cedar Rapids: quality restaurants

Survey says: Cedar Rapids has eateries that are both diverse, and high quality. This is according to a new WalletHub study. In the study, the site ranks as the #125 for towns for foodies. While that may not seem great, think about how many cities are in the country. The study ranked the top 182 cities, with no best to worst, simply the top 182. Cedar Rapids also ranked higher than Memphis, Chattanooga, Tennesse and Huntsville all ranked lower on the study. Again, it's not a ranking per se, but still cool to be positioned higher.

Where Cedar Rapids lost a couple of points in the study is affordability. Cedar Rapids, according to a study has fewer affordable options for cash-strapped foodies. How accurate that is, I'm not 100% sure, but that's what the study finds. Where restaurants in Cedar Rapids really shined: food diversity, accessibility, and quality. Not a bad series of categories to rank high in.

Another Iowa city made the list

The only other Iowa city to make an appearance was our capital, Des Moines, which came in at #51 on the list. Other Midwestern cities that made the list are Chicago at #18, Milwaukee at #28, and Minneapolis at #31. To see where every city ended up, check out the original story here. And, check out Cedar Rapids' top 10 highest ranked restaurants below.

The 10 Highest-Rated Restaurants in Cedar Rapids

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