I came across a post today about a missing dog in Cedar Rapids. I love animals, and I want to make sure this little guy gets returned safely to his family.

According to the post, "Waffles" got out of the house around 5:30 p.m. She was last seen between Highway 100 and 80th Street, in a field around 10 p.m. The family left a blanket and food in that area, hoping she will come back.

The post also said the dog is wet, so she will look smaller, and more than likely will not let anyone approach her. The owner also told me Waffles is very shy. If anyone sees Waffles, please send us a message on this post and we pass it along to the owner.

Here is the picture I grabbed from the Facebook page:

Katie Marlin
Katie Marlin

Please share this post and let's hope Waffles can be returned to her owner.

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I grew up with two dogs and a cat. At the Larson house, the dog had it better than us kids. Our family was partial to Cocker Spaniels, and the dogs were a huge part of our lives.

Our home was located on a golf course in "small town"  Minnesota. My first dog, Chewy, would often chase the geese around holes #11 and #12. I can remember waking up to my mom yelling at the dog each morning. He never learned and often came back full of mud from the pond on hole #14.

Animals are awesome, let's get Waffles home!

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