This morning KCRG announced that the Cedar Rapids Police Department will begin enforcing the city's new massage ordinances today.

It's an effort to rid the city of massage parlor locations where some say sexual favors are possibly being provided. Last year the the city council took a two-fisted approach to the problem and voted in new regulations requiring places that offer massages to be staffed by licensed personnel.

The expectation is that any possible sleezy activity will be rubbed out, as those unlicensed parlors would zip up and move on to some other location outside the city limit.

While it may not be a happy ending for massage parlor owners or their staff, this hands-on approach by our city council and local law enforcement could help resolve a sticky situation.

As of this morning, there has been no word of any kind of Robert Kraft sightings in the vicinity of Cedar Rapids, so it seems the efforts are working well to pound some common sense into the heads of those riff-raff.

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