As I write this, I am giggling like a stoner.

Does anyone else see the sophomoric humor in the fact that the Gazette reported the Cedar Rapids Cannabis manufacturing plant will need to delay it's opening until August?

The slowdown isn't the result of any burning issue. The basic fact is that the harsh winter has simply slowed down construction. Really, that's all it's not because of anything else...

All joking aside, the plant needs to conform to a strict schedule and set of rules governed by the state of Iowa to maintain it's status as the chosen manufacturer of weed to be used to produce medical mary jane for cancer patients.

The Gazette article says Iowa "granted the extension to Iowa Relief, a subsidiary of Acreage Holdings, a New Jersey-based company. It initially intended to have its operation open by July 1.

Patrick Doherty, senior operations association for Acreage Holdings, told The Gazette on Thursday the extension allows the company to time to complete construction and to meet state requirements".

So don't worry, the deal is not going to pot, as long as they can deliver by August 15.

But until then, maybe they should cut back on the Pink Floyd and Grateful Dead tunes in the playlist.

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