It’s not news that there is a need for truckers across the country. With new CDL requirements going into play earlier this month, some might not be as motivated to go through the process of getting one.

To help combat the shortage of truckers, a new program that was launched this month would offer refugees in Iowa free commercial driver’s license (CDL) classes.

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Currently, the demand for drivers is at an all-time high across Iowa and the United States. According to a report in Axios, hundreds of Afghan refugees have settled in Iowa, many of which are seeking out employment.

The Iowa Department of Human Services Bureau of Refugee Services and the Des Moines Area Community College Transportation Institute have teamed up to offer the program.

The first class is scheduled to begin in April and will be capped at around 30 people.

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New Approaches to Get More Drivers on the Road

To help get more trucks on the road and alleviate the trucker shortage, industries started looking into new approaches such as hiring younger people.

A program through President Biden's $1 trillion infrastructure plan would allow 3,000 18-21 year-olds to get licenses that would allow them to drive from coast to coast. Prior to this, those in that age group could only drive within their own state borders.

Drivers would be required to take 400 hours of training with an experienced driver before being allowed to drive cross-country by themselves. The goal is to eventually turn this pilot program into law. It is unknown when the program will begin.

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