It seems like almost all of us have a security system at home these days. I mean, why not? The systems have gone down in price, the quality is WAY better and it's a good way to keep tabs on your possessions.

As you will see in this video, my buddy Brian Heefner is happy he has cameras at his northeast Cedar Rapids residence. He had a birds-eye view of a possible break in to both of his vehicles parked outside of his house on Friday night.

It's funny to watch the guy as he notices the camera hanging above the garage. He looks scared and takes off pretty fast.

Brian and his wife have lived on the northeast side of Cedar Rapids for 19 years. In those years, he said it's been pretty quiet and they haven't had to much to worry about as far as crime goes.

When I asked Brian if I could use the video, he said, "Absolutely, make this A@#%^&% famous!"

I'm not sure we can make him famous, but give this clip a share and maybe he will see it and retire from a life of a crime.

After all, if Johnny Dangerously can go legit, anyone can.

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