Do You Name Your Car? Mine is Black Beauty. Actually, it's not because I didn't name my car. Also, I don't know how this question makes sense unless you're in a Pixar movie. Though if I had named my vehicle, I'd probably name it 'Willis' because I think it sounds cool. Anyways, a new survey from DigitalHub found 64% of Americans consider their car to be a 'friend.' Also, we don't want anyone scuffing our rides, even if it means bodily harm to us.

People sure do care about their cars

And just like real friendships, we're willing to make sacrifices for it.  Here are some other interesting stats from the survey:

1.  44% of car owners have named their car before.

2.  Over a third of us would rather get a cut or scratch on our body than on our car.

3.  15% of people would rather break a bone than have their car break down.

4.  21% would rather spend a full day in jail than have their car totaled.

5.  13% would rather break up with their significant other than lose their car.

6.  70% of us have at least one fond memory associated with our car.  The top memories include first dates, a first kiss, a proposal, a road trip, bringing a baby home from the hospital, and driving around blasting music.

7.  45% of us have CRIED when we had to get a new car. We assume cost has something to do with that one.

8.  The average American spends 8 hours and 22 minutes in their car each week.  Which is 1 hour and 12 minutes a day, or 18 full days a year.

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