A California bar owner took some extreme steps to reopen his businesses affected by the pandemic. KCRG reports that Brian Cohen moved two of his operations from California to Cedar Falls, Iowa because COVID restrictions in the state aren't as strict as they are in California. Bars there have been shut down since March. So Cohen moved MOB Bar and Moonshine Cowgirls to Iowa. But KCRG now reports that after just one weekend open, one of his bars is under investigation for violating COVID guidelines in the state.

According to Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds' emergency declaration signed back on December 16th, Iowa bar employees must wear masks, limit groups to eight people, and keep up social distancing efforts. But videos and photos from inside one of the bars show employees ignoring those rules. KCRG reports that an Instagram post shows employees not wearing masks, numerous people gathering at the bar and champagne showers from people on top of the bar.

All of this happened after Cohen told KCRG that he planned to follow state guidelines at his bar on New Year's Eve. Cohen told KCRG that despite the pictures, he did not lie. He said his staff did wear masks but took them off for a photo. He says that they could have acted better, but believes that he was targeted. Cohen also admitted it wasn't the smartest idea to post the champagne shower online.

Cohen told KCRG that he plans to increase mitigation efforts at his bars, including temperature checks and blocking off booths next to each other.

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