Sometimes a story makes your blood boil. This is one of those stories.

A western Iowa family wants answers following, what they say, is a case of bullying on a school bus. 10-year-old Raeann Dabney was riding the bus when she says two students from Titan Hills Intermediate School in Council Bluffs wrote on her face.

Raeann told WOWT, "They asked if they could and I said 'no' and then they just grabbed me and held me down and colored on my face." They used a permanent marker and wrote "Loser" on the girl's forehead.

Raeann's dad, Zach, took photos because he wanted evidence. He's angry, telling WOWT, "All I keep saying is I’m pissed. I’m mad. I feel bad. She’s… she’s a great student, smart, intelligent. She’s in sports, cheerleading, gymnastics. You name it, she is in it. She is far from a loser."

The principal of Titan Hill, Kent Stopak said, via a statement, that he met with the girl and her parents the day after he was informed of the incident. He says those involved were disciplined after an investigation and that he will "continue to work with our student body to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect."

Raeann's family says the two girls were banned from the school bus for only one day. One day. If that's my child, I'd be angry too. Very, very angry.

[via WOWT]

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