"According to the USA Today, "A big name is joining the burgeoning non-alcoholic beer market." The company we are talking about is Budweiser.

That's right, "The King of Beers" is rolling out a campaign to promote their latest product, Bud Zero. I spoke with a friend of mine who works at the local Bud plant here in Eastern Iowa. He told me Bud Zero tastes like Bud Light, and has only 50 calories in each can.

I'm a Bud Light drinker, but I like booze in my beer. I plan to give it a shot and see how close it does taste to "real beer." This could be a good option for days that you feel like having a beer but you don't want to get hammered.

The story from the USA Today mentioned more people are drinking non alcoholic beer these days. The article said, "Sales of non-alcoholic beers have risen 40% so far this year and dollars are up 30% in volume."

Budweiser has hired a big name spokesperson to rep the new beer. Former NBA star Dwyane Wade has attached his name to Bud Zero. Wade will be promoting the product in commercials and appearances.

I'll be sure to write a follow-up story after I try the new Bud Zero later this week. The nice thing about this beer is you won't have a hangover in the morning!

You can purchase 12-pack cans of Bud Zero in stores right now here in Eastern Iowa.

[Source of story: The USA Today]

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