It's been well-documented that when football fans from Iowa come your way during bowl season, your beer supply better be well-stocked. It became kind of legendary four years ago when Iowa played Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship game in Indianapolis. Hawkeye fans pretty much drank all the beer in the city.

Last year, parts of the Alamo Bowl ran out of Busch Light during Iowa State's game versus Washington State. After it was reported that the entire stadium had sold out of the beer popular among Iowans, the Alamo Bowl tweeted about it.

Knowing all this, the Camping World Bowl in Orlando is ready for the arrival of Iowa State fans next week. At least they think they are, thanks to a weekend shopping trip to stock up on Busch Light.

There's silence on the beer situation from the Holiday Bowl so far. And since Iowa hasn't played in the game in San Diego since the early 1990s, that worries me slightly. Then again, since they're getting it right with the Iowa Wave, I bet they'll be ready with the beer, too.

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