Imagine finding out your gramma was boozing it up and getting her first tattoo...and it was all happening at the nursing home!

Don't worry, it's all in fun. The Rose Haven Nursing Home in Marengo is just keeping things lively for it's residents with activities like "Booze and Tattoos". The staff also hosts creative fun with Halloween costumes and decorations for their patients.

KCRG files a cheerful report of the staff at Rose Haven applying temporary tattoos and pouring a little high octane juice for its residents. The staff knows that these kind of fun and games are the best thing to help residents keep their spirits up during this long pandemic lockdown. They recently hosted a "roving Photo Booth" that visited each resident's room for some silly dress-up games.

This may sound crazy because we tend to think of our elderly parents as frumpy and fragile. Booze and Tattoos sounds a bit wild. So take a deep breath and remember that our parents are the ones who lived through all our crazy episodes from birth to maturity.

Old folks are more than entitled to have a little fun. Think of all the crap you ever pulled on them, with every bad report card you brought home, and for every broken window your baseball smashed. Now imagine your mom having a fun time with the staff at Rose Haven with a little Booze and Tattoos. Send those nursing home workers a thank you note!

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