Summer 2020 is off to a slow start with COVID-19 ruining most peoples summer plans. This is leading to people trying new and potentially safer ideas. With many business struggling during these times, some are seeing a huge increases in sales. Personal pools, trampolines, boats, and many other out door activities are seeing those increases.

According to the New York Times,

Landscapers and retailers say sales of gardening soil, mulch and firewood — for fire pits — are soaring. Trampolines are hard to come by. And swing sets at one large Long Island distributor that has been taking orders online and by phone, Backyard Solutions, have been out of stock since March.

Clearly some things can still do well in 2020, but boat sales are even crazier. According to Discover Boating, sales are up 154 percent over 2019. Whats even crazier about that is that 2019 was a great year for sales beating 2018. So this jump is already beating a record year.

It makes sense as to why all these things in particular are doing well. They are all outside and for the most part help provide social distancing. By owning one of the out door 'activities' people can still have some fun, and still feel safe.

Will you be buying something new this year to try and salvage this Summer?

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