How long has it been since you've been to the drive in?  Maybe more recently these days than in the past, huh?  The Covid crisis has given drive in's a chance at a revival.  People feel more comfortable in their cars than they do in movie theaters so they're going to check out movies and even concerts.  Garth Brooks was the first to put out a drive-in concert and Metallica followed suit making a movie specifically for this vintage open air movie theater.

Drive-In's were a huge part of my childhood so I'm glad to see them making a comeback.

You know what else was a big part of my childhood?  Bill & Ted!  That's right!  I went on many adventures...both excellent and bogus.  I loved this movie and am happy to see they're back together and I'll bet Bill's step mom is STILL hot.

Bluegrass Drive-In, in Bluegrass, which just hosted that Metallica show is featuring Bill & Ted Face the Music along with Unhinged.  They've got The New Mutants & Deadpool too.  And Spiderman Homecoming & Far From Home.  A couple movie combos to choose from.

Route 61 Drive-In, in Delmar, IA also has Bill & Ted Face the Music along with Grown Ups playing Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  Box office opens at 6:30pm with the movie at 8pm

Midway Drive-In, in Dixon, Il has Bill & Ted Face the Music along with The New Mutants this Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

I wonder if the ole "pile of blankets in the hatch" bit still works?

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