Thank goodness we've never seen anything like this in any of the Iowa-Iowa State rivalry games, in any sport. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw what happened last night at the conclusion of the Kansas-Kansas State men's basketball game in Lawrence, Kansas.

Third-ranked Kansas led the game by 22 points as time was running out. While the Jayhawks were running out the clock, the ball was stolen by Kansas State's DaJuan Gordon with just under five seconds left. Gordon raced down court to try to score a meaningless layup before time expired. Silvio De Sousa of Kansas sprinted up the floor and blocked the shot attempt. He then stood over Gordon, an automatic technical for taunting. That's when things got totally out of hand.

De Sousa picks up a chair. Punches are thrown. A number of fans were put at risk with several knocked down. At least one fan understood the severity of the situation, trying to help restrain a player, putting himself in danger.

Kansas suspended Silvio De Sousa indefinitely this morning, pending a review from the Big 12 and the University of Kansas, according to ESPN. Other suspensions are sure to follow.

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