What the hell is going on? For the second time this week, an attempted murder shooting took place, this time in Marion, yesterday afternoon around 6:00 p.m.

The Marion Police Department responded to a 911 caller who said they were being shot at near 35th Street and Willowridge Ave. Upon arriving at the scene, cops interrupted the shootout in progress, and chased the shooter's vehicle.

Police from Cedar Rapids and Hiawatha, along with the Iowa State Patrol and Linn County Sheriff's Department helped to capture the suspect, 18 year old Juny Rodriguez

Cops stopped the car using tire deflation devices at I-380 near County Home Road. The car was being driven by an unnamed female, who has since been released.

Rodriguez was a passenger in the getaway car and was arrested on an outstanding warrant. He now faces multiple charges including domestic assault while displaying a dangerous weapon, two counts of intimidation with a dangerous weapon and three counts of attempted murder.

It's the second shootout of the week, with a suspect quickly brought into custody. Earlier this week, Hiawatha cops arrested a punk who they say shot up an apartment parking lot in that town.

Thanks to the police who put their lives on the line (virtually EVERY DAMN DAY lately) to help get these scumbags off the streets.

[source: Gazette, KCRGCBS2News]

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