"What the hell is happening to Iowa?"

That's the sentiment of one Facebook follower commenting on the recent rash of murders and shootings in Eastern Iowa.

Last night, Hiawatha cops were called to 89 E. Clark St. to investigate reports of multiple shots fired near Clark Street Apartments.

KWWL reports 3 persons in a car were the target of a shooter who was on foot in the neighborhood. The cops found six cars damaged from the shooting and witnesses reported hearing up to 20 shots fired around 9:10 p.m. last night.

Just the other day a young golfer was found murdered at an Ames, IA golf course. One suspect is in custody in that case.

And it was only weeks ago that a suspect was charged for the first-degree murder of Mollie Tibbets of Brooklyn, IA.

Whatever motives may be at play in each of these unrelated cases, one must wonder what the hell is going on in our state of Iowa?

[source: KWWL]

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