Eastern Iowa authorities are investigating two different reports of a man attempting to entice children into his vehicle.

The first report came into Cedar Falls police Tuesday afternoon at 3:30. A man, described as in his middle 30's with dark hair, wearing sunglasses, and driving a silver car, offered money to three girls ages 7 to 13. It happened at Clay Street Park in Cedar Falls. The girls said no and the man left.

Approximately an hour later, another complaint was called into the Grundy County Sheriff's Office. This incident was outside the town of Dike at the Dietrick Mobile Home Park. Authorities say the description of the man involved outside Dike was similar to the report from Cedar Falls. Rick Penning, Grundy County Sheriff, says there was another incident reported at a Dike City Park a few weeks ago.

Please make sure every family you know is aware of these reports! Authorities also encourage children to stay in groups when outside.

[via KWWL]