Balls, walls, and slingshots! 3.1 miles of inflatable obstacles meant to trip you up and slow you down, but all they really do is provide way more fun than anybody should ever have while running.

Bring your friends, bring the family, heck bring a stranger! All are welcome at this amazing, fun-filled event. It's happening in a little over a month on June 17th, right here in Cedar Rapids.

I'm going to be running, or more likely falling all over this crazy course and doing my best not to pass out! I'll have plenty of support though, because KRNA has their own wave that is being run at 11:00 a.m and I can always piggy back on someone in much better shape than I am!!

The Insane Inflatable 5k Fun-Run is June 17th, at Hawkeye Downs. Get signed up today or risk missing out on the worst display of athletic ability by a radio DJ. Ever.

Happy training!

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