I was checking out a Fareway in Cedar Rapids the other day and something caught my eye. It was a display featuring an "Anti-Hangover" remedy. I was intrigued.

What intrigued me the most was the shape of the can. It's a bullet. I actually thought it was something else when I first saw it, but that's for another story. I took a picture of the display that was in front of the Fareway cashier so I could share it with you.


After reading the display, I knew I had to purchase one of these "bullets." But I wanted to learn more before I consumed it, so I went to the internet in search of answers.

According to the Magic Bullet web page, "Magic Bullet is designed to support and accelerate your body's own process of eliminating alcohol toxins, helping to ensure you are fresh the next morning. Our tasty Blood Orange drink has a touch of carbonation and is delicious to drink alone or as a mixer."

So it sounds like it's more of a mixer, not a "morning-after" kind of drink. The side of the can recommends a bullet with every 3-4 drinks. It also says the can has zero stimulants, supports healthy liver and kidney functions, and is caffeine-free.

Their motto is simple: "This drink is for People who Have Sh*t to do Tomorrow."

I'll give it a shot and let you know what happens.

After all, it's a holiday weekend and vodka is in the forecast.

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