It seems like every week now we hear about another restaurant in the Corridor closing their doors. Fazoli's, the Marion Pizza Ranch, Beck's Taproom, and Backpocket Pilot Pub are just a few of the recent closures here in the local area. Now we have another spot to add to the list.

Yesterday was National Avocado Day, so Chipotle was offering up some free guacamole if you placed an order online or on their app. When I went to their website to check out the locations where online ordering was available, I thought it was really weird that only one of the two Cedar Rapids locations was listed. This morning I found out that that's because the Edgewood Road Chipotle CLOSED!

According to users on Yelp, the Chipotle at 2360 Edgewood Rd is officially closed. This morning I saw a couple of people on Facebook mention that they tried to visit yesterday, but all of the signage was removed from the restaurant. I'm assuming the closure is recent since there is a review from the 25th of July, but the question remaining is WHY?

After doing a little research on Google, I came across an article from Cedar Valley Business Monthly from July 5th. The article stated that the Chipotle in Waterloo, which had only been open 14 months, would be shutting down for good on July 27th. They then wrote:

"Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. announced June 27 it would be shuttering up to 65 underperforming restaurants nationwide and revamping its marketing strategy."

Was the Edgewood Rd location one of those underperforming restaurants? We don't know for sure, but I can tell you that I never once had to wait in line when I went in there. They were always very polite and very clean, though!

If you're bummed about the closing, there is some good news: the location at the Lindale Mall in Cedar Rapids is still open! I think I'll be heading over for a Burrito Bowl later tonight...

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