These exclusive pictures of the damage that Derecho inflicted upon Guthridge Park in Hiawatha on Monday August 10 were technically illegally obtained, purportedly taken by my dog Quasimodo (aka Quasi).

The City of Hiawatha has declared the park officially closed until further notice and so I must stand on 5th Amendment rights to avoid incrimination as to how these photos were obtained. A good reporter always protects his sources even if it means hard time.

But when I told Quasi that his favorite place to pee had closed down, he insisted and had to see for himself. He's a dog of few words but you get the picture. Quasi is still wrapping his little head around it all.


Quasi Open Letter To Derecho

It really is a mess and not safe to ignore the closed sign. Broken tree branches dangle perilously twenty feet overhead, the ground is littered with thick limbs split into pieces. Massive trees of 25 feet sprawled flat on the ground all across the park.

So many huge trees are ripped up by the roots, like giant radishes pulled out from an over-sized garden. The tree tops are shredded in spots, limbs split helter skelter and branches twisted like pretzels.

For the first few days it seemed the birds and squirrels were gone for good. But they have since returned. It seems we're all creatures of habit.

Quasi is sad, he sniffs in a million different places. He finds a few new places to squirt. He says he is grateful no one was hurt here. He is philosophical. Life goes on. If he can do it, I can too.

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