Some of the hardcores of the football analysis world (many of whom have never stepped foot on the field) say it was a sloppy game unitl the last 5 minutes. I don't care. It was one of the most exciting finishes I've ever seen. Seattle 28, Green Bay 22 in OT. So many storylines. So much drama.

FOX Sports didn't show it, but we posted the alert here at and on our Twitter/Facebook pages. Alice in Chains cranked out a set during the Seahawks/Packer halftime yesterday at the NFC Championship game.


Even though some of the guys live in Southern California now, it's cool that the band remembers it's roots. My friend Joe was a mailman in Seattle in the early 90's. He always claimed the grunge bands didn't play live enough in the city after they hit it big. Wasn't the case yesterday. Check out this Would?/Man In The Box medley.



Here's an AIC photo album direct from the Seahawk's website.

The Day After has not been pleasant for the Packer Nation.

Lenny Kravitz announced last week that he will be one of the featured artists in Phoenix on Sunday Feb. 1 at the Super Bowl. Katy Perry is the headliner.

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