Adventureland in Altoona used the perfect word to accompany their first picture of a new ride that will be part of the popular theme park in 2022.

Calling it Transformation Tuesday, Adventureland Park gave us a look at the new ride, The Lighthouse, that will be part of the Iowa theme park beginning later this year.

Adventureland calls it "an interactive bouncing tower for a shared fun experience."

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Adventureland Park
Adventureland Park

You can see a short video of the family ride here.

Back in September, three months before announcing the park's sale to Palace Entertainment, Adventureland introduced a number of family-friendly rides. In a video on their Facebook page, they introduced rides that were new for 2022, as well as three departures.

In the video, the new rides introduced are Bernie's Swing, Circus Balloons, Leap Frogs, Rockin' Rainbow, Speedway Racers, The Clipper, the aforementioned The Lighthouse, The Revolution, and Warhawks.

On Adventureland's website, they list Bernie's Swing, Circus Balloons, Leap Frogs, Rockin' Rainbow, Speedway Racers, The Revolution, and Warhawks as family rides.

The Clipper isn't listed on the website, and neither is The Lighthouse. I assume those are just omissions at this point, as we know for sure The Lighthouse will be part of the park.

Adventureland is clearly trying to up its game in attracting young families. According to the website, the park will now have 21 family rides, to go along with 9 kiddie rides. It's scheduled to open for the 2022 season on Saturday, May 21.

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