I've been playing golf pretty regularly for the past 15 years and I finally accomplished a lifelong dream. No, I didn't get a hole in one, which I still hope to check off the bucket list once, but I did shoot an 18-hole round in the 70s. I left the course with a 79.

To some, 79 stinks. For me, that's pretty dang good. I normally shoot closer to 90 but for one day, I was lucky enough to put it all together. Every golfer dreams of that one round where everything seems to go well. I was in the fairway off the t-box, I made my putts and only had to take 1 penalty stroke the entire day.

When I got to the course, I found out that if I wanted to play I would have to walk. They weren't allowing carts to be used that day. I honestly think walking all 18 holes helped me play better. No one wants to chase golf balls around all day when you don't have a cart to drive.

My dad is the person who got me into golf and I had to call him immediately after and let him know I just played the round of my life. He was pretty happy for me and it was a cool moment to share with him.

The only part that kind of stinks is I played the front 9 all by myself. Here I was having the round of my dreams and no one to really share it with. My fiance was going to go with me but she ended up staying at home instead. Thankfully, on the back 9, I was able to play with a guy named Noah, who knew the course and could tell me where to go. I had never played at this place before and having someone to help direct me where to go helped a lot.

To every golfer who wants that 1 round they put everything together... keep trying. It may seem impossible sometimes but when it happens, it's pretty cool.


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