What is the deal with all these Eastern Iowa businesses closing?! Just a few days ago, we found out Dublin City Pub in Cedar Rapids would be closing down for good after St. Patrick's Day on Sunday, and this morning we just got word that one of our favorite donut shops is already gone!

According to their Facebook page, The Donut Experiment, located at 5300 Fountains Drive NE, is permanently closed.

The Donut Experiment Cedar Rapids, Facebook

There is no information anywhere online announcing the closure, but the last post from the shop was on February 22nd, so it must have shut down sometime in the last few weeks. The official website of the chain no longer lists the Cedar Rapids shop on their "locations" tab. We have tried to reach out to the business, but the phone number is no longer active and we have not yet received a response to our messages.

Holly Brainard

The Donut Experiment opened up in Cedar Rapids in February of 2018, and it was easily my favorite donut place in the area. You could personalize your icing and toppings with all sorts of unique options. I even purchased Brain's donut cake from there for his birthday last October! It turned out AMAZING:


We will sincerely miss The Donut Experiment, but at least we have some other great donut options here in the Corridor!