The contest has started! Eric Stone, Jen Zoller, Mike Ferris and myself are all part of the KRNA "Weight Loss Challenge." We started the contest on August 1st and will wrap it all up on the last day of the month.

The goal is simple: LOSE WEIGHT! We've all chipped in $50 a piece and the person that loses the most weight will take the money and donate to their favorite charity. We lose some pounds, have some fun and raise some cash for a great local organization!

For my charity, I decided to pick Eastern Iowa Honor Flight. I believe our Veteran's deserve the best and we can never forget that. The brave men and women that served this country are the reason we have it so good. Thanks to all of the Veteran's for their service!

We will weigh ourselves every Tuesday on The KRNA Morning Show. Tune in at 8:30 each week to find out how much weight Eric Stone has GAINED. He has no chance...this should be easy!

I almost forgot, the winner will also get a FREE lunch from the "losers." That lunch will take place at Q-Dogs BBQ, at 895 Blair's Ferry Road in Marion.

Wish me luck!

You can lose weight and stop smoking at the next Mark Patrick Hypnosis Seminar, Sunday August 12 at the Marriott Hotel on Collins Rd in Cedar Rapids. Click here for full details and to reserve your spot.

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