I asked my Facebook followers, those who enjoy snapping photos of Iowa's natural beauty, to send me some of their favorites. I asked that if they shared them, I would have permission to use them in a gallery.

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Sure, Iowa is a plains state and many dismiss the state as "boring". No, there are no mountains or skyscrapers, but there are very unique views all over the state. One thing I also am aware of is that Iowans are proud to be Iowans.

Here are many amazing shots from all over Eastern Iowa. Many are mine, in fact, the first 22 are mine, but there are also lots of others who are evidently proud to be Iowans and like to keep a sharp eye open for those moments to capture.

80 Photos of Iowans Sharing Their Beautiful Home State

I asked anyone who was into taking photos of Iowa landscapes, skies, scenes, etc. to share with me so I can share with all of you! I've gotten the bug myself over the last few years and will add some of my own.

When I'm fishing, I like to snap pics of the scenery. I'm also fond of water and just feel good when I'm near ponds, lakes, and rivers. Throughout the year, I'll kayak, walk trails, bank fish, and boat (got a bass boat finally!) and take pics of the things I see. Nature is so wonderful to be in and good for you in many ways. Many studies show that when you spend at least 2 hours in nature, your mind and body are affected in very good ways. Lowering blood pressure, relieving stress, etc. 

In Japan, researchers have studied the effects of "forest bathing" which means to walk in forests and inhale the fresh oxygen as well as aerosols produced by the trees, ferns, and natural growth found in forests. NK (Natural Killer) cells elevate in your immune system, hindering the growth of tumors and infections! GET OUT INTO NATURE!!

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