As a Chicago Bears fan, for me, this is BIG NEWS and has me even more pumped for the new season.

Elite Sportsbook inside the Draft Day Lounge at Riverside Casino & Golf Resort will host a special meet and greet with some of the '85 BEARS!!!!

That team won Super Bowl 20 behind the arm of the rockstar QB Jim McMahon and the happy feet of the late Sweetness, Walter Payton, with a legendary defense and a hardcore, hard-nosed coach named Ditka. I'm not saying this was pretty much the team who made me a football fan, but I'm not NOT saying it either.

Several of that squad's members are going to be at Riverside THIS Sunday, August 25 from 3-5 p.m.

You'll get to talk to Dan Hampton, Steve McMichael and Otis Wilson, followed at 6:30 p.m. by a performance from the "Chicago 6"-- a music group featuring the aforementioned as well as John McFarland, Matt and Ed Kammerer.

Hampton, Wilson, and McMichael put this band together to kill time during the 1987 strike and they'll play Motown, Classic Rock and parodies of pop songs, a la Weird Al. MAYBE even an acoustic edition of the "Super Bowl Shuffle"?

Not to mention the stories they'll tell! Every Bear fan should get in on this!

It's free to anyone 21 and over so mark the date to see some of "da Bears" from the classic Super Bowl squad.

[Via Riverside Casino & Golf Resort press release]

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