There are near misses and then there are NEAR misses. This is that second one. A new video share shows how close a mountain biker came to running into a bear cub on his weekend ride.

Here's some of the backstory shared by the biker about what went down:

We were biking down the Skyline trail at Snowshoe Bike Park Sunday morning, 6/20, and saw the bear cubs off to the right of the trail before one ran out in alongside me. We looked out for the momma bear but didn’t see her around and kept moving. There were 2 other bikers behind me. There had been many recent bear sightings in this area.

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The biker thought the same thing I did after seeing the cub. Where is mama bear? The Wikipedia page for bear danger documents that most bear attacks happen when a bear is surprised and/or a mother bear feels her cubs are threatened. Brown bears also tend to be more aggressive than black bears and grizzlies, but that also depends on the circumstances.

Based on the description on YouTube, I believe this happened somewhere in the backcountry of West Virginia.

This biker and his friends are fortunate to be able to experience this type of encounter and live to tell about it. Good news that the cub was apparently not injured either. It could have ended much worse for the people and animals involved.

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