Nostalgia for the 1980s and 1990s is big business these days. Almost every major film franchise, TV revival, and action figure line is based on something that originated or was hugely popular during that time period. And it’s not hard to figure out why — everything today stinks. Things were a lot simpler and easier back then.

Or were they? It’s only through looking back at ’80s and ’90s pop culture that we can see that those times weren’t really as simple or easy or good as they might seem in our hazy memories. To some, the ’90s might feel like just a few years ago. In fact, it’s been three decades. That’s a long time ago. A movie released in 1990 is as old today as Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo was in 1990.

If you were born in the 1980s and you ain’t 40 yet, you will be soon. And so will all of the things made int the 1980s. The movies below from the ’80s and ’90s are all that age. They were big hits in their time. Some of them were even awards winners; a couple took home Oscars for Best Picture! But all of them look a lot different through modern eyes. In most cases, they probably couldn’t even get made today for one reason or another — or maybe for a lot of reasons.

80s Movies That Could Never Be Made Today

90s Movies That Could Never Be Made Today

These movies include some of the biggest of the decade — a few even won Academy Awards. But all of them would have trouble getting made today.
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