It's been a pretty exciting season for anyone who happens to be a Vikings fan. The team is off to a fantastic start and sits with one of the best records in the NFL, at 10-2. I'm not sure what it is about this team or why they have to be this way but they make every, single, game, interesting.

With 10 wins on the season, 9 of those wins have been by 7 points or less. They always find themselves in close games whether that means giving up big leads or having to scratch and claw their way back from a huge deficit. You could say the Vikings have been pretty lucky at times. They might have this 8-year-old boy from Denver, Iowa, to thank. This is by far the coolest NFL good luck charm/mascot in the league.

"Kirko Chainz" was created by the Vikings players as they would put all of their expensive jewelry on Quarterback Kirk Cousins after big road wins. It started with 1 chain from left tackle, Christian Darrisaw, and grew into a pretty big thing on social media.

After the Vikings had another impressive win on the road, you can see Kirk shirtless on the team plane home, with about 6 of his teammate's chains on him. They definitely stepped it up a notch from when this first began.

After that moment, "Little Kirko Chainz" enters the fold. Lincoln Gustafson has more swagger in his pinky than I'll ever have in my entire life. A few weeks ago, he appeared on the Viking's jumbotron dressed up just like Kirk. With no shirt on, maybe you could say he was dressed down. Either way, Lincoln was ready to rock and cheer on the Vikes.

During the Viking's Thanksgiving game, they were in the middle of a timeout, and the players notice "Little Kirko Chainz" on the jumbotron. According to Kirk Cousins, the entire team starts laughing and had a ton of fun with it. After that moment, Lincoln was given tickets to the next Vikings game (December 4) which also happened to be his 8th birthday.

He received this awesome news from Kirk, who also mentions 8 is a great number, as it's the number he wears on his jersey. Check out this awesome moment Lincoln has with Kirk on a zoom call.


According to KWWL, Lincoln comes from a long line of Vikes fans. His dad Derek said

He comes from a long line of Vikings fans. His great-grandpa, his grandpa, me, and now him.

The inspiration for the outfit was from one of Derek's co-workers and after Lincoln couldn't find his favorite jersey, he decided to go with the "Kirko Chainz" look. I'd say that was a pretty good choice from Lincoln. After being able to connect with Kirk on a zoom call, Lincoln told KWWL,

It was cool. He was really nice.

I don't care how many tickets it takes, the Vikings need to bring Lincoln "Little Kirko Chainz" back to every single game they can. Without a doubt, this is now one of the most wholesome and genuine things going on in the NFL. He's the perfect good luck charm/mascot the Vikings need. I think it's safe to say the Vikings have all found one of their new favorite fans.



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