Two 7-Eleven workers in California took matters into their own hands when there was a man stealing from their store.

A shocking video from the robbery shows a man with his face covered standing behind the counter of the store with a trash can, emptying the entirety of the cigarette display into the 20-gallon can.

Fistfulls of product went into the can. From cigarettes, cigars, vapes, and tosses them into the bin as the off-camera workers beg him to leave the store.


“Just let him go. There ain’t nothing you can do. They’re not going to do nothing,” the person recording the video was saying - referencing the high amount of shoplifting plaguing the state at the moment.

The green-and-black clad worker switches to a more defensive role when the thief tries to push past him while he continues his heist.

It was all going the robber's way until one employee grabbed the man and tackled him to the floor. Just in time, his co-worker arrived with a broomstick to deliver 23 brutal hits with it.


Whacking the robber as he screamed on the floor while the other employee punched him in the head from the ground, the employees were both being goaded by the person recording.

“That’s called whoopin’ your ass! Whoop his ass! Get him!” The person recording yelled.

“Yeah, I’m done!” the robber begged. “I’m going to go.”

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Even though he surrendered, the employee with the broom gave him two more smacks for good measure.

Then, the thief asks if he can get a soda for the road.

“What kind of s–t you telling me? You do this s–t and you want a soda? No, no, no. Get the f–k out, man,” the bystander says.

Yo_Folkers via Instagram
Yo_Folkers via Instagram

The camerman says that the video was taken in a 7-Eleven in Stockton, about 50 miles south of Sacramento. Police told NY Post they hadn't heard anything of the incident.

Watch the video here, and the Part 2 below.

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