My wife and I are slowly getting settled into our new home in Hiawatha, Iowa. Coming from the nearby state of Wisconsin, we knew there would be things we would have to accept about our new hometown. This is about more than cheese and beer.

After all, we are not snobs! But there are more than a few reasons why we would implore you NOT to move to Hiawatha...that is, unless you like friendly people, numerous amenities, and plenty of free activities and features. Consider these five items as definite deal-breakers if you are only looking for an "almost-perfect" place to live.

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    Metro Library Network

    The first thing I did after moving here was apply for a local library card. Wait, What?!? My FREE Hiawatha library card connects me to the Cedar Rapids and Marion Public Library systems? It's called the Metro Library Network, and it gives me access to an even bigger database of reading materials, audiobooks, computers, WiFi and more. So unless you LIKE free access to unlimited knowledge...don't move to Hiawatha!

  • Photo: M Ferris
    Photo: M Ferris

    Cedar Valley Nature Trail

    Sure, walking and biking along long, scenic routes of paved and gravel-lined paths on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail may seem like a lot of fun. But it's a sneaky form of exercise, that dreaded practice that makes most mortals cringe. I suppose you could take a friend along to share your misery of exploring the sights, sounds and smells of nature. After all, why should you have to suffer alone?

  • Denis Raev
    Denis Raev

    Is Shopping Really That Important?

    Who Likes To Shop? OK, so there are plenty of delightful nearby shopping areas like the Fountains Retail Center at Blair's Ferry Rd and Edgewood Ave. My wife and I recently had lunch at one of their new, trendy restaurants and thoroughly enjoyed every bite. I would give the restaurant a free plug, but since we haven't had time to dine at all of them yet I thought it best to save that free plug for another blog. So unless you like to explore new nearby dining areas, do not move to Hiawatha!

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    Getty Images

    Wickiup Hill Natural Area County Park

    Unless you're the type that really gets into the hiking nature trails, then the Wickiup Hill Natural Area County Park is another reason why NOT to move to Hiawatha. Located just a few miles away from Hiawatha in nearby Toddville Iowa, the Wickiup Hills nature area is filled with trees and bushes, plants and birds...and lots of trails for hiking and exploring. I imaging some folks even bring their own food, tablecloths and blankets to picnic at the nearby county parks. The nerve of some people!

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    Terrific Schools

    Since 1958, the Hiawatha Elementary School has been providing a quality educational experience for resident's children. The academics are challenging, the activities are vigorous and fun. Projects like the Hiawatha Garden provide learning and community involvement opportunities. And being connected to the Cedar Rapids School District puts your young adults into some of the finest High Schools in the entire U.S.A.

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