Okay Dubuque, you are up next on my haunted Iowa destinations list and this haunt has a lot of history. It's the Mathias Ham House. Ever heard of it? Let me give you a little backstory.

In 1833, Mathias Ham settled in Dubuque in order to get in on the steamboat business and settled in what is now known as the Mathias Ham house. He met his wife in Dubuque and they had six children. Due to their large family size, Mathias decided to expand their home to accommodate them all. As time went on and one would expect with a house claiming to be haunted many people died in this home. This is including Mathias and his wife, their first daughter and even an intruder that was shot and killed in their home by their daughter Sarah.

The Mathias Ham house was turned into a museum in 1964, where the reports of hauntings started to occur. Many of those who have visited this home and even the employees working there have reported textbook haunting signs such as cold breezes, objects somehow moving to different rooms and flickering lights. There have also been reports of hearing sounds like footsteps, furniture moving and organ music.

Although there has never been a report of an actual spirit being seen, it is safe to say that this place is seemingly haunted after all the death that has been reported. So enter if you dare but just be aware.

Find more Iowa haunted destinations to check out this year here. Come back next week for your next haunt and tell us if you have ever been to one of these haunts!

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