The pandemic has unfortunately not been kind to local businesses that have closed down as a result. But some hurt more than others, like the recent announcement that Pei's Mandarin is closing in Cedar Rapids after 34 years. Another closure also brings back to the forefront the nostalgia of how many places we remember from back in the day that we'd love to see come back.

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We recently took to Facebook to get your thoughts on some of these places. Naturally, Pei's was on a lot of people's minds but there were others that kept popping up too.  A LOT of people really miss the old sit-down Pizza Hut restaurants, myself included. There are still some around but not here in Cedar Rapids and the company has hit us right in the gut with nostalgia in their latest ad campaign. But we were thinking from a more local angle and boy, did you help us relive some memories!

Locally-operated delis like Alfalfa's and Hungry Hobo (again, there are still some of those around we believe) were favorites. But it wasn't just restaurants. Stores like K's Merchandise and Woolworth that did what Amazon does before Amazon was cool were a big hit too. K's had everything and I miss Montgomery Ward too. Here are 25 (give or take) of your choices. Did we miss any? Please feel free to drop us a line in the comments.

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