News stories define a year. 2016 was the year the music died for many legends. 2017 was the year that Donald Trump got the keys to the white house. In France, 2018 may be known as the year of the Nutella Riots.

Yes...Nutella. That creamy, chocolaty hazelnut spread that is good on just about everything caused chaos in France on Thursday, January 25. didn't cause the chaos...trying to get the Nutella was the reason.

What could have happened to make the French have such widespread (get it?) need for Nutella? Is Nutella shutting down and never going to produced again? The simple answer on that one is "No," because if that were the case, I'd be marching to the Hy-Vee right now with a stun gun.

Nope..believe it or not, it was just on sale. But a REALLY REALLY good sale.

According to an article from the New York Times, 33 oz jars of spreadable heaven were priced at 70% off regular retail at one popular French grocery chain. That drove some shoppers a little nutty for Nutella.

[S]cenes grew so heated in one store in Ostricourt, in the north of France, that the police had to be called.

Videos on social media showed shoppers stamping on each other and shouting as they tried to snag the jars at the discounted price of 1.41 euros, or about $1.75.

All I gotta say is... $1.75 for 33 oz of Nutella...

Well, you already know about the stun gun.

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