I drive fast, but never this fast!

According to KCRG, "A Buchanan County Sheriff's deputy nabbed two speeders going more than 100 miles per hour in the same week."

Both incidents happened on the same section of Highway 20. It sounds like this stretch of road is turning into the Iowa version of the Autobahn!

The first speeder was caught going 104 mph. Keep in mind, the speed limit on that part of highway 20 is 65 mph. That same cop busted another person going 123 mph shortly after the first person was ticketed.

This deputy had a pretty good day!  I bet he's wishing he was paid on commission as the fines are pretty high for these types of tickets.

The first driver faces a fine of $328.25 if proven guilty. I think it will be hard for him to get out of this one. The second driver faces a fine of $456.50 for getting caught going 123 mph in a 65 mph zone.

A tweet from the Buchanan County Sheriff said: "There has been a 113% increase in citations for speeds exceeding 100 mph and a 70% increase in citations for speeds exceeding 25 mph over the speed limit compared to the 4-year average."

The tweet also asked drivers to slow down and be responsible out on the roads so we can all be safe. To check out the story from KCRG-TV 9, you can visit this link.

Again, I'm guilty of driving too fast at times But I don't think my vehicle has ever reached 100 mph. I would want to be wearing a helmet if I was ever driving that fast!

Slow down out there, folks.

[Source of story: KCRG TV-9]

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