Breaking news this weekend from our neighbor to the northeast. Wisconsin wants to legalize weed.

Not only do they have a great football team in Green Bay, they also have a progressive Governor who wants to legalize marijuana.

Next week Tony Evers will put the provision into the Wisconsin budget bill.

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It's a first step, but one that's almost sure to slip. Legal weed in Wisconsin and in Iowa is on the same steep conservative slope. Since Wisconsin has a Republican controlled legislature, it is highly unlikely they will approve of any marijuana reform deemed 'this' radical.

While some of the provisions in the governor's proposal may stick (mostly the stuff on medicinal use of weed) the Republican lawmakers will not support recreational use.

But they should. Both Wisconsin AND Iowa should. And here's why:

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So, which Midwest state will legalize marijuana next: Wisconsin, Nebraska or Iowa?

It seems much more likely that the federal U.S. government will be the one to stop the games and will vote to decriminalize it nationally before any one of our nearby states moves on this issue. But any state that delays the inevitable is only denying itself and its citizens the revenue boost in tax dollars that sales would bring.

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