According to KCRG, "The extra day on the calendar this year turned out to be a lucky one for somebody after a winning lottery ticket was sold at a northwest Iowa coffee shop."

A ticket worth $1 million dollars was sold at a place called Brew in Correctionville. The ticket matched five out of the six numbers drawn on Saturday evening. Had the person got all six, it would have been worth $80 million.

For getting five out of six, the lucky person will go home with a cool $1 million dollars.  If you ask me, that's not a  bad consolation prize!

At this point, we don't know who the winner is. To read the full story, you can check out this link.

If you want to check your ticket, the winning numbers were 22-44-46-50-51 and Powerball 13.

For the record, I got zero right.

I guess I'll go back to work tomorrow.

[Source of story: KCRG]

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