I'm not a fan of heights. Never have been, never will be. And even though exploring Iowa's natural areas is something I should probably do more of, I will not do it 70 feet IN THE AIR!

According to Only in Your State you can take an epic adventure through "the beautiful, haunting, and historical Union Park in Dubuque." You or I can take a 2 hour long guided tour, day or night, clipped to nothing but a 1.2 inch steel cable with only the lush but very compact earth beneath you.

All I can say is 'thanks, but no thanks." As far as I am concerned, this ranks right up there with jumping out of an airplane and hugging a cactus. You just don't do it! And going at night? Forget about it!

If you love nature and always pick flying as the superpower you wish you had, then this is the activity for you. But if you're like me and prefer two feet firmly on the ground at all times, maybe bring a snack and enjoy a nice picnic in the park instead.

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