I grew up in Detroit, and I've moved around quite a bit as I got into the radio business. Of all the places I've lived, I can honestly say that Iowans are some of the nicest people around. Here's how you can easily spot someone from Iowa.

You know you're from Iowa when:

You recognize THREE kinds of music. Country. Western. AND Classic Rock.

You consider CORN as one of the four basic food groups, AND as one of the basic fuel groups.

Photo: M. Ferris

Your last name is also likely your profession: Farmer, Miller, Baker, Cook, Fisher, Hunter.

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Your idea of a big city is Chicago. Your idea of a "big enough city" is Des Moines. And you think Chicago folks who pay $35 an hour to park downtown are insane. Because the commute time certainly is.

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You slow down for farm machinery, and you perk up when you're driving in deer crossing zones. You like going fast, but know how and when to slow it down.

photo: M. Ferris

Your manners. That is to say, you have them. Your parents brought you up to say "yes, sir" and "no, ma'am". "Please" and "Thank You" are not foreign language to you, they are part of your everyday vocabulary. Chances are you served in our armed forces and show tremendous respect to all citizens. Yep, you're from Iowa.

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