Photo by: 3ChipMedia
Photo by: 3ChipMedia

Let's face it, Nickelback is probably the most hated rock band in America. Is it because they're from Canada? Is it because they look like a country band? Whatever it is, people are very angry with them.



The band has a couple of shows booked this summer in Iowa. That means you have TWO chances to NOT buy a ticket for Nickleback. The first concert is in Monticello at the Jones County Fair on July 20th. Your second chance will be in Des Moines on August 11th, at the Iowa State Fair.

In 2008, Nickelback wrote a song called "Something in Your Mouth." It seems that was around the time people starting hating the band. Do you blame them? It really sounds gross....Here's what Dave Grohl once said about our friends from the North:


For the record, I don't hate Nickelback. I can't say I love them, but I don't hate them. If you plan to attend either Iowa show, have fun. They can't be that bad....can they????

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