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They say you must walk a mile in a man's shoes before you can say anything bad about then you're a mile away, you have his shoes, and you can say anything you want! Seriously, you can tell a lot about us by the shoes we wear at work.


CLARKS Womens Leather Shoe

This shoe belongs to an administrative executive who works in downtown Cedar Rapids. She spends her time in the office running between departments, preparing for meetings and making presentations before heading to the gym followed by a night of Netflix.


Caterpillar Womens Steel Boot

This type of shoe belongs to hard working men and women who wear steel toe boots on construction sites for the durability and protection they provide.  You don't want your footing to slip while you're doing some heavy lifting. So a dependable pair of work boots is essential outdoors on the job site.


Ariat Work Mens Groundbreaker

If you think that farmers prefer cowboy boots, you'd be half-right. Some farming work boots may look like "cowboy" boots but offer more insole support along with that extra height for added protection of the ankles and shins.


Dr. Scholls Mens Winder

This shoe is worn by postal employees, retail clerks and servers who know that an 8-hour shift on your feet means a comfortable pair of non-slip work shoes is a must for making the daily grind.


Fluffy Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

Radio station DJ can pretty much wear any kind of footwear since the work is simple. We tend to sit around drinking coffee and complaining about the weather. So the basic casual dress shoe seems to suit our needs just fine. Morning show DJs are the laziest ones, we take it a step further and often come to work in pajamas and slippers.