Can we just go back to the days of one home uniform and one away uniform? On Thursday night (11/12), we were intoduced to the NFL's "Color Rush". The Jets looked like Gumby, green from head to toe. The Bills looked like the controversial new Starbucks holiday cup, all red with the white lid (helmet).  And it's not going away.  The "Color Rush" will continue on Thursday night games through the rest of the year.

Can we just be done with all the retro, throwback and alternate jerseys? Enough is enough. I don't mean to wax nostalgic, but I fondly remember the days where I turned on the TV and actually recognized what two teams were playing. It didn't look like ketchup bottles taking on pickle jars.  Money couldn't be behind the constant uniform mash-ups, could it?  It's always about money, folks.

It seems like college football's Oregon Ducks started the trend of wild, wacky, constantly changing uniforms. Nike Chairman Phil Knight is an Oregon graduate and an avid Ducks supporter, so of course the football team has been outfitted by the deep pockets of Nike since the mid-1990's. Different color combinations of helmets, uniforms sock and shoes are probably looked on favorably by the young players and potential recruits. For a geezer like me, it's just a bit much. Nike has had an on-field apparel rights contract with the NFL since the 2012 season, and they just extended their contract through the 2019 season.

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

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