We love wrestling, which is why we've had a handful of WWE superstars play Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?.

If you've been following us for a while, then you know how it goes. But, if you're new here, Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? is essentially meant to uncover the truth behind some of our favorite rockers' lives, which typically involves debunking a lot of myths in the process that made their way onto the designated person's Wikipedia page.

To put it in simpler terms — not everything on the internet is true, so we try to find out the truth for ourselves.

We've spoken to quite a few WWE stars in the past, specifically Triple H, Edge, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, and Seth Rollins. So we put together a compilation of some of the best moments from each of those interviews to give you an all-encompassing look into these wrestling legends' lives.

You'll find out what the CM in CM Punk stands for (as well as some funny interpretations of  the name), what inspired Jericho to become a wrestler, Edge's iconic match with John Cena and more.

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Metalheads tend to love wrestling, and a lot of these wrestlers are metalheads, so the two worlds go hand in hand together pretty well. Watch the full video below.

WWE Superstars Play Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?

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Gallery Credit: Loudwire Staff

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