A push to move the legal drinking age back to 19 years old is underway in Wisconsin.

OK, so what's wrong with this picture? Plenty.

At the risk of sounding like a total hypocrite, I need to ask, "what in the hell is Wisconsin thinking?!?"

I grew up in Michigan when the legal age was 18 to drink. A few short years later when I was 20, the law was changed back age 21. I was "stuck" not being legally allowed to drink for about 11 months. And at the ripe old age of 20, I was "outraged".

I was also quite immature. And while I never got a DUI (or OWI) I will be the first to admit I drank all the while, buying booze illegally, and drinking with a self-righteous vengeance.

I don't drink anymore. I was lucky to have found a way off of that one-way street that was leading me nowhere throughout my 20's. I pissed away more money and brain cells on alcohol and wasted a lot of time and energy on reckless behavior. I blame no one but myself for my actions.

Today, I have no issue with anyone over age 21 having as much as they want to drink. Gulp it down all you want, as often as you want. I will not judge.

However, new scientific information now leads us to more knowledge than ever before - much of it suggesting that the less a person drinks, the better their health.

So really, why do we legally need to introduce it into our kids lifestyles any earlier than age 21?

Only one reason: Follow the money.

So ask yourself this: Is your kids health worth the risk?

And I have one thing to say to the Iowa legislature: Don't try pulling that same crap here.

21 is young enough.

[via KWWL]

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