Huffington Post reported that Katrinla Bookman, an unemployed mother of four, is "suing Resorts World Casino in New York, after a slot machine indicated she won $43 million - but all she got was a steak dinner."

The Huffington Post article stated that Bookman told the New York Daily News, "I feel like they did me dirty".

Most of us have gambled in a casino. Here in Iowa, we have over twenty casinos to choose from. They seem to be everywhere....except Cedar Rapids.

When you put money in, you always run the risk of losing. When you win, you expect to get paid. But that's not always the case.

Bookman took a selfie with her glowing face next to the words "Printing Cash Ticket $43,949,672.76" that appeared on the monitor. She thought her world was about to change. She was wrong.

A casino representative came over and informed her that the machine malfunctioned and that she did not win the amount listed. The Huffington Post article reported that there is a message is posted on all machines that states, “malfunctions void all pays and plays". How convenient. To make up for the mishap, Katrinla was offered a steak dinner which she declined, reported the Huffington Post. So, the slot machine was broken? Seems fishy to me.

I once thought I won $35,000 on an Iowa scratch ticket. I ran into the store, checked the ticket, only to find out I won a lousy five dollars. I was devastated - I had already made plans for the cash!

One lesson to be learned today: GAMBLING IS BAD. Even when you win, you lose. Take that extra $20 and buy a twelve pack of "Bud Heavy" for you and your neighbor. It's a much better return on your investment.

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