Imagine driving down the road in Pacific Missouri, the sun is shining, windows down, the wind blowing through your hair, a snake at your feet, the smell of corn in the air. Sounds lovely right?

Also no, the word snake was not a typo...

A Missouri woman was driving through the city of the Pacific when she felt something "against her feet on the floor." A SNAKE!


The woman quickly switched her route to the Pacific Police Department for help.

Notice how in the Facebook post the Police Department calls the snake a "nope rope," haha.

Reading through the comments was quite humorous.

Helen Gould Sanders: "Wow! I would have literally been screaming for oh, 20 minutes and driving all over the road. Thank goodness it happened to a much more composed person than me!"

Lisa Moffitt: "They would have been responding to my accident!"

Thomas Emory: "Snek just needed a ride."

No this was not a pet snake, it was a wild one. It was assumed that the snake slithered up through the undercarriage, an open door, or an open window. Because snakes are cold-blooded, they enjoy warm places, therefore, the inside of this woman's car sounded nice and cozy.

Snakes will maneuver through tight areas to get to their preferred dark, warm, enclosed spaces.

Pro Tip: Snakes shed their skins about every one to three months. If you have ever seen a snakeskin in your vehicle, the snake is most likely still living in your car. You will want to get it checked out and removed.

Read More Here: ABC St.Louis

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