I've hosted 4 Burnout Nights at McGrath Powersports. As we roll through the 5th season of Bike Nights in the City of 5 Seasons, it was high time I burned out.

Over the years, we've seen some incredible displays. It's always a crowd favorite. When we hit the horn, the rubber flies. The noise-o-meter zaps to 11. The smoke [sometimes multi-colored] rises. The sheer power of these machines rattles you to your core.

How hard could it be? I called Brody and said we should set up a Burnout 101. With some aid from he and his co-worker Matt, I had good guidance. Cue the Grom for Rookie at the Handlebars!

Stop out to Bike Night on Thursday night from 5-9 p.m. and burn one off for yourself. We'll have some sweet prizes. While you are at the legendary motorcycle party on Center Point Road, sign in to win the Iowa-made 2015 Indian Scout Motorcycle. It's a beast and I'm gonna ride it on the Turbo Tour next month. Can't wait.

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